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Kamaru Usman explains why his 8-year-old daughter Samirah will keep coming to fights

8-year-old Samirah Usman cried when Leon Edwards knocked out her father. Usman explains why she will keep coming to his fights.

Kamaru Usman explains why his 8-year-old daughter Samirah will keep coming to fights

Nigerian-American professional mixed martial artist (MMA) star Kamarudeen Usman has finally given an explanation following his last defeat in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Usman dominated the fight and was on course for a unanimous decision victory until a vicious overhead kick by Edwards.

Following the kick by Edwards, 18,000 fans at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City in Utah celebrated as Usman was unconscious.


At the fight to witness her father's second defeat in the UFC was Usman's daughter.

Usman's daughter eight-year-old Samirah burst into tears after her father was knocked out.

Following the fight, Irish professional MMA star Conor McGregor gave his thoughts on Usman bringing his daughter to the Arena.


According to McGregor, Usman bringing his daughter was wrong as she witnessed her father get knocked out.

McGregor's statement on Usman's daughter said, "I feel this deep. I do not suggest bringing family whatsoever. Especially the children. This is different fighting.

"I’ve done both sides of this and feel going to the mission solo is best. You can see family again post-battle. Will definitely be continuing this way going forward."

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Usman explained why he would continue to bring his daughter to the fight.


Explaining the events, Usman said, "The camera pans into the audience and they showed my daughter.

“My daughter cried and it was the weirdest thing it was like an instant trigger response in my heart.

“I didn't like seeing that yeah and then Conor tweeted something and it was kind of blasting me about it like for bringing her to the fight.

“I'm gonna bring her my daughter's not only gonna see when daddy's victorious and daddy just continues to beat everybody and daddy gets to put her in the best school or whatever she wants to be.


“I'm trying to teach her she has a work ethic but it's kind of like I don't want to do that today or I don't want to go to gymnastics.

“My daughter has been going to the gym with me ever since she was six months old so she understands that and she's okay with it that's why she can watch my fights but I'm not only gonna bring her because dad is victorious.

“I am blessed right now with an opportunity to show my daughter that look, you can fall down and look how you can get back up.”


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