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Qatar 2022: Bonou penalty save turns a gambler into a millionaire

Brave punter wins +1100 odds on an American betting platform

Bonou penalty save turns a gambler into a millionaire

The world cup came with a pause in regular football fixtures, which meant the number of opportunities for punters to make money plummeted.

However the bookies have compensated for these with several world cup specials, available for every country, fixture and rounds, giving punters an avenue to multiply their capital.

One of those options allowed punters to bet on teams they thought would make it to certain stages in the tournament, round-of-sixteen, quarter-final, semi-final and even the final.


At the start of the tournament, when asked what teams would make it to at least the quarter-final of the world cup, the usual names like Brazil, France and Argentina would come up, and no one would even think to mention Morocco who found themselves in a group that housed Belgium and Croatia, making the quarter final was not only unlikely, qualifying from the group stage was meant to be a hurdle.

The bookies aware of this placed a lot of odds on the eventuality of Morocco making the quarter final, a lot of fortune to be had for those bold enough to risk money on an event that looked highly unlikely at the time.

Fanduel the American bookie placed a huge premium on Morocco reaching the quarter final of the world cup, daring bold bettors to multiply their money by +1100 odds [This is in American odds, and do not equal 1100 Nigerian style odds. The odds are plus (+), that amount of money would be earned on a successful $100 wager. (e.g. +150 means you make $150 on a $100 wager.), meaning it amounts to about 11 Nigerian odds.]


A daring punter took what fanduel hoped was bait and placed a bet on this specific outcome and Yacine Bonou's heroics against Spain meant the punter is now a million dollars richer.

The punter made a wager of $90,818.19, ninety thousand dollars and change is no little money to bet with, but on 1100+ odds, it meant the punter would be smiling to the bank to cash his check worth $1,089,818.28, nearly one million, one hundred thousand dollars. The punter definitely has a vacation to Casablanca planned for the future.


If you are feeling lucky, and you think the Atlas Lions would continue their charge ahead, Morocco to make the semi-final is around 35 odds.


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