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Qatar 2022: Correct score and other sure betting tips on Argentina vs Australia

We have picked out the best betting tips on the Round of sixteen fixture between Argentina and Australia.

Correct score and other sure betting tips on Argentina vs Australia

There are so many avenues to make money from the bookmakers in the World Cup, with so many betting options to pick from even in individual matches.

We take a look at some of the best picks from the several options available in the Argentina vs Australia game

*These odds were culled from PulseBet (the odds were correct as at time of posting)


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Argentina are the clear favourites and they are expected to beat Australia convincingly. The Albiceleste have won their last two games by scoring at least two goals, and they are expected to replicate that against an Australia side that they are much better than.

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Argentina have played out this outcome in the last two games they have played in the world cup. They are not a team that scores so many goals.

Argentina to win 2-0 is a reasonable pick, and if you plan on betting on this fixture, this is a pick to examine.

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We do not expect Australia to score in this fixture, Argentina as a team offensively take their time to get into the game and are not known for early goals.


In their last two games in the World Cup, it took until well over the 20th minute mark before they could get a goal, we expect it should be the same in this game too.

If you plan on betting on an option from this game, then this pick is not as risky as you might think.


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