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BETTING: Five bettors tell us their favourite betting options

We asked five bettors what sports betting options they think are the best.

Five bettors tell us their favourite betting options

Sports betting requires a level of know-how and analysis, but more times than not, many intangibles that are unique to individuals come into it, one of which is preferred betting options.

We all have a preferred betting option we always opt for when betting because we have noticed a pattern, or we just have a lot of luck with this option. We have asked some bettors about their favourite options and why they go for them.

First or second half highest scoring half. The odds are reasonably high regardless of what option you pick, and it is easier to pick using patterns once you can find out when two teams that are playing each other usually score.


With adequate research on player stat lines for the season, their over and under points is a reasonable bet most of the time.

It has its flaws with high lines and being unable to select players from the same game.

However, rather than betting on a team staking on a player with the right research will yield results in most cases.


You only see a few games that end without having at least a goal. if you want to play safe when you are picking the goal option you can go for the goal range option because it puts you in a good position for the team you pick.

I did not always like this option, but I saw the light at the start of the 2022/23 season. I discovered that teams don't keep clean sheets as often as I thought they did. The odds for BTTS are value odds in many cases, and it is well worth the risk.

Most of the time, half-time goals are usually sure and the odds given to them are high, that is why I always go for it, and it rarely ever fails me.


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