Toniks on dating Irene Ntale, co-parenting with 2 baby mamas, being conned

Allan Toniks has never thought about getting married and he definitely won’t be marrying either of the two women he is currently co-parenting with.

Allan Toniks and Irene Ntale

"No. It's not possible,” Toniks said during an interview with Extra Digest when he was asked if he would marry any of the two women.

Toniks, born Allan Ampaire, has two children (one of five years old and the other is nine) from two women. But, according to him, he had no choice in the reproduction process. That’s the reason he believes his baby mamas wouldn’t make good wives.

“They failed,” he said when he was asked why he wouldn’t marry them yet they “passed the first exam” of giving him kids.

“In my opinion, I respect women who are forward thinking, who are not short-sighted... Every child is a gift, but a lot of these situations are problematic. By the time you start seeing the gift, you've gone through a lot of ups and downs, so... most of these situations are never the guy's choice,” he went on.

"So, anyone that can do that is no way in hell... that I could take someone like that seriously in the long run... so, we'll be cool with co-parenting... cool with everything else, but... me and you... it's not possible [to get married]. Not at all.”

Asked about how he feels about co-parenting, the Urban R&B singer said: "When you are dealing with those two people, you see a difference. Things are easy or complicated depending on one's character, and one's values and one's upbringing and who the person is. So, I can't say it's something that can be all the way easy or all the way difficult... so, it simply depends on the individuals.”

The ‘Baby Language’ singer thought that becoming a father would make him feel like the biblical Abraham, but reality hit differently.

"... of course, before you think maybe you will suddenly feel like you are father Abraham or some shit... [laughter]... but it's just normal,” he said.

“But like I said, your experience will depend on whom you are dealing with... one... was more stressful than the other... because people are just different in the way they think. Their motives, the circumstances under which those particular kids were born... different individuals with different agendas... different ways of looking at things, so it's not a one size fits all.”

The ‘My Miss’ singer has not shared his children or baby mamas on social media and he says it’s because he values their privacy.

“Why should I?... I see no reason to. I respect the privacy of people involved... I might be a public figure but that doesn't mean automatically that everyone I deal with is okay being a public figure,” he argued.

"It's within their rights to have a peaceful life… Some of us have to accept the negatives that come with being famous... But why put that on someone who has no choice?... It's better that way, for the kids to grow up in a normal environment.”

Toniks believes marriage is an endeavor that requires utmost commitment, so people should not just jump into it.

“Who told you that? Who told you?” he wondered when he was asked why handsome men like him rarely get married.

“I'll marry when I want... I believe when it's right, it's right... I believe they 9handsome men) also get so many distractions... Marriage is a very serious commitment, for anyone, regardless, it's not just handsome men... laughs…” he elaborated.

“Maybe they (handsome men) are picky, that's why... They are so picky that they keep thinking they want something better... they first be alone for long before deciding, this is the one... Much as they say marriage is very complicated; sometimes I think it's about finding the right person. A person who'll make you feel like it's not complicated because it shouldn't be... it should not be hard... I believe if you are with the right person, it shouldn't be hard.”

Toniks never thinks about marriage because he doesn’t see how it would positively change his life.

"Actually it's one of those things I never think about... I never think about it. I'm thinking about many things but it's never one of them.... there is nothing driving me to it…” he claimed.

"How will marriage change my life for the better, in any way?... maybe I haven't met anyone who has made me think of that.”

Because of seeing them together, some people believe the singer Irene Ntale and Toniks are dating.

“There has never been any relationship between me and Irene Ntale, except friendship, of course... Irene and I are friends... we don’t hang out as much lately, but... before lockdown we used to hang out a lot and we had a mutual friend, Ray Signature, and he has done a lot of work with Irene and is a very good friend of hers, and we used to hang out a lot,” he said.

“I believe that's how the rumor started. But Irene's boyfriend at the time was my friend. We would hang out with him as well.”

According to Toniks, "I'm not Irene's type... I know her type. It's not me... Actually I have never hooked up with any artiste in Uganda... it's a fact.”

In 2019, the ‘Sikuleka’ singer performed at Blankets and Wine but the process to the event was littered with a few disagreements with management.

According to Toniks, the issues stemmed from payments because he realised foreign artistes were earning way more than local performers. At that event, the American rapper Jidenna was the headliner.

"That information is wrong. That's misinformation,” he said when he was asked why he was giving the Blankets and Wines organisers headache.

“That's not accurate information. But I think as artistes, sometimes we have to defend our rights.... This is aside from that, because that was a very good show. I have a very good working relationship with Blankets and Wine. I was among artistes who performed at the maiden Blankets and wine. And those days we would even do it for free... because we had a relationship with the people who were running it and it was fun. It was a thing that brought link-minded people together, so it didn't feel like a job... it was vibes,” he went on.

"However, that aside, sometimes you look around what's happening, like the case of flying [multiple Nigerian musicians] into the country... I will hit the stage [and people will enjoy my performance hit after hit and I can't even finish the songs]. But they will fly in an artiste with two hits, and they want to pay [me] like Shs10 million and pay the foreign artiste $30,000 (about Shs112 million)... so I asked myself, where is the equivalence in value.. You can't tell me you'll pay an artiste with two hits $30k and then I sing 20 interesting songs back to back and you pay me Shs10m.”

Toniks said in some countries there are policies that dictate that local artistes be paid a standard percentage of what a foreign musician will be getting for the same show.

He also said that he doesn’t usually travel to perform on socials organised by Ugandans abroad because of paltry payments.

“Some people go there maybe because they want to travel... but the money offered is really [small most of the time],” he said. “So I don't know how guys do this stuff.”

According to Toniks, Ugandan singers are paid as little as $1,000 to go and perform abroad, yet it’s the same amount they are paid for performing locally.

Toniks has performed in Dubai and the UK before.


The ‘Falling’ singer has also been a victim of Kampala scammers. One day he was at a hangout in Kololo, a leafy Kampala suburb, and a guy who claimed to know him by describing his (Toniks’) neighborhood, took away his Shs200,000.

"I was in a meeting. I had an important meeting in one of these restaurants in Kololo. Then a guy came from the gate with the askari and said, ‘excuse me sir, I want to talk to you for a minute’,” the crooner narrated.

The stranger told Toniks that the incident was “urgent”, so he dashed out of the meeting to listen to him.

On moving out, the stranger told Toniks that his (stranger’s) car got mechanical problems and he needed quick help.

With the need to go back to the “important meeting”, Toniks fell for the story after the stranger asked him how he could forget his neighbour.

"Because I was in a rush to get back to my meeting, I didn't get time to" think, he said.

Toniks, who was taught by his mum to play guitar in the P.7 vacation, released his first 'Beranange' while in F.6 vacation.

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